Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Demo of Enola is Now Available for Free

Demo of Enola is Now Available for Free - Alpha Build Currently on Sale for 33% Off

El Salvador – June 19th, 2012 – Independent game studio The Domaginarium is unveiling a demo for Enola on PC (Windows), now available to the public for free.  The new demo includes 2 full levels from the horror/adventure game that is still currently in development.  The public can download the demo and help the studio complete their ambitious project by purchasing the alpha in its current state, now available for $9.99 (33% off full retail price of $14.99)

Enola is a horror/adventure game about fear, isolation and murder. You have awoken on a desolate island, without any knowledge of your whereabouts or who you are. Over the course of your travels you find there is something else on the island...something dark and evil lurking in the shadows.  Visit foreboding locations, solve intriguing puzzles and find clues to uncover mysteries about the island and your own identity.  You’ll have to be quick and cunning to survive; but do you have what it takes to save another life?

Purchasing the alpha will give buyers access to all future updates of the game as they become available.  Buyers will also receive the beta versions and a DRM-Free digital copy of the game once its available.   “We wanted the player to become truly immersed in this game, and a big part of that comes from the fear you get from exploring a deep unknown world,” says Sergio Aris Rosa, a developer behind the game.  “This demo brings to life a lot the fears people have of isolation.  Players can get a good idea of what they will be getting when they buy the alpha build and help bring this game to fruition.”

A new gameplay video and 3 screenshots showcasing the 3D graphics and eerie locations are available in conjunction with the game’s release.  The video can be seen at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSvijduO0g8

The Enola demo is available on PC (Windows) for free via the following link: http://thedomaginarium.com/enola.html, as well as on IndieDB.com.  The Enola Alpha build is currently available for limited-time price of $9.99 for PC (Windows) (Enola is regularly priced at $14.99).  Enola can be purchased on IndieDB.com via the following link:

The game can also be purchased on the developer’s website.  For more information about Enola, visit the game's site (http://www.thedomaginarium.com/enola.html).


About The Domaginarium
The Domaginarium is a small indie game development studio located in El Salvador. The studio is driven by creativity, innovation and experimentation.  For more information on The Domaginarium and their games, visit their Website, or check them out on Facebook or Twitter.

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