Thursday, 7 June 2012

Brawsome raises prices (unashamedly!!)

From our friends at Brawsome:

The Fast News

Brawsome has permanently raised the price of Jolly Rover and MacGuffin's Curse from $4.99 to $6.99.

The Full News

In this gaming landscape where many developers seem to be racing to the bottom, we thought we'd turn it around and raise our prices a little to reflect the value we see in the game. In making this decision we looked at a number of different games and their prices and weighed up where we think MacGuffin's Curse and Jolly Rover sits within this range and came to the conclusion that the games were priced too low at $4.99, and that $6.99 was a fairer price point when considering the quality, and length of experience.

When we first moved to $4.99 as a sale price, we thought that we were pricing the games at the price where a purchase would be a no-brainer, which was actually less than we felt the game was worth. But we found that even though the game is priced at what we perceive as good value, it seems many people are of the mindset that they simply cannot purchase a game unless it is on sale. Which looks better, paying full price for a game at $4.99, or getting 50% off a game at $9.99? Everyone loves a bargain, right? Being transparent about it, we find that the games always sell better when on sale (obviously?), so why not raise the price so that when it does go on sale we're still getting a fair price, and the people buying the game feel like they're getting a bargain, while still getting a lot of game for their money. Is this crazy? Is this necessary? Our answer is yes. But ultimately we want to make more games, and if we're producing something that people are enjoying, we'll be able to do that, and a big part of our freedom, and indeed motivation, to develop is how much we can get back from sales at the end of the day in order to put towards more original titles.

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