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Waveform now available on Steam!

Posted by Dave Seaman on Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Vancouver, Canada - March 20, 2012 - Independent game developer Eden Industries has announced that their unique action game about controlling a wave of light is now available on Steam. 

About Waveform

Navigate the beauty and hazards of the solar system while riding on a wave of light in this innovative arcade-action game. On your journey to restore light to a dying galaxy being consumed by a Singularity, you'll travel from Pluto to the Sun and interact with a wide variety of strange objects, and mind-bending situations that will affect the path of your wave, and the world around you, in interesting ways. 

Simple to play but difficult to master, Waveform combines the pure fun of retro arcade titles with all the bells and whistles of modern games. Colorful graphics and a retro-symphonic soundtrack accompany over 100 levels of challenge and excitement full of mysterious and fun objects like Wormholes, Particle Accelerators, and the enigmatic Space Squids of Venus! 

What are people saying about Waveform? 

"Waveform still remains as one of the most unique gameplay ideas we have seen in the past few years. You’re going to want to prepare for a journey across the solar system like no other, and it’s likely one you’re going to want to repeat over and over again" - Chris Priestman Indie Game Magazine 
"It is elegant in its simplicity, but don’t let that fool you... there’s a surprisingly large amount of game and replayability to be had. I see myself coming back to this game often." Allen Kesinger, Darkstation 
"Its colorful visuals and retro-symphonic soundtrack are easy on the eyes and ears, while its minimalistic design ensures gamers of all skill levels can immediately jump in and enjoy saving the galaxy." - Stefanie Fogel, VentureBeat 
"It's a brilliant concept, well executed, stylish, bold, and perhaps most importantly, brimming with personality. Miss this at your peril." - Mike Rose, Gamezebo 


- Innovative and Unique Gameplay - 

You've never played a game like this before! Experience the refreshingly unique wave-manipulation gameplay of Waveform in a fast-action adventure like no other. 

- Master the game, not the controls - 

Featuring extremely simple controls involving dragging the mouse to manipulate your wave's amplitude and wavelength, gamers of all skill levels can instantly jump in and enjoy Waveform. It's easy to jump into, but difficult to master. 

- Play at your own pace - 

Will you take a relaxing ride through the solar system or challenge yourself to conquer each level and unlock bonuses and achievements? Each level is designed with multiple layers of difficulty so you can sit back and enjoy the zen-like flow of the wave or get on the edge of your seat for a heart-racing wave run. The choice is yours! 

- Stellar amount of content - 

With over 100 levels spread across 11 worlds featuring dozens of unique objects to discover, there's an incredible amount of content to experience. After you beat the game you can enjoy New Game +, featuring re-mastered versions of each level in the theme of the game's bonus levels. 

- Rockin' Retro Soundtrack - 

Enjoy a musical masterpiece featuring dynamic audio that adapts with the pace of the game. 

- Deep Space Mode - 

Journey into the far reaches of deep space in 11 different randomly-generated endless scenarios. Strive for the high score and earn your spot on the Steam Leaderboards! 

About Eden Industries: 

Eden Industries is a new indie development studio in Vancouver, Canada formed by industry vets with more than 30 years of combined development experience on games such as Mario Strikers: Charged, Punch-Out!! (Wii), and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon. Their passion is in making games that are instantly accessible and playable by everyone while also making them deep and engaging game experiences that are challenging to master. 

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