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Two Days Left to Save Social Football!

Posted by Dave Seaman on Tuesday, 6 March 2012

48 hours. 2,880 minutes. 172,800 seconds.

…Actually, that makes it sound like there's a lot of time left. Let's backtrack.

There's only two days left to help fund Gridiron Heroes, the Tecmo Bowl-inspired Facebook game that's going to make football simsfun again. It's time to turn out those pockets, smash up those piggy banks—even rob a bank, if you have to! (Note: Don't actually do this.) It's on YOU to get this game funded.

Why? Check out this new, fifteen-minute-long clip of gameplay footage. If that doesn't get you salivating, then you should probably have a doctor examine your saliva glands. I mean it; that sounds serious.

We promised before that the game's going to get made regardless of whether the Kickstarter campaign is fulfilled, and we meant it—but don't you want this game to be the best game it can be? Don't you want live, online multiplayer? Don't you want your own face in the game? Don't you want to smile again? Pledge your support to Gridiron Heroes' Kickstarter today!

About Gridiron Heroes

Gridiron Heroes is a brand-new American football simulator for Facebook which takes the classic simplicity of Tecmo Bowlgameplay and makes it a social experience. Players take control of their team from its inception, naming it and assigning team colors and logos, before being placed in a league with all their Facebook buddies. There, it's up to the player to manage every aspect of their team's performance, from training players and developing strategy and tactics, to managing the stadium itself and even setting hot dog prices.

Fans are encouraged to contribute to Gridiron Heroes' Kickstarter page, which will help fund the development of Gridiron Heroes'multiplayer component. For more information about Gridiron Heroes and the people who made it, check out the company website

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