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New Plays Emerge as TecMMO Bowl's Kickstarter Nears Completion

Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 8 March 2012

Gridiron Heroes isn't just fantasy football—it's every sports fan's fantasy, period! And after an all-night programming bender, Project Lead David Murray is pleased to announce that three brand-new plays have been added to the game, mere hours before its Kickstarter campaign comes to a close.

The new plays are Wildcat, Option, and WR Screen, and you can check out all-new video footage of them below:

But Dave can't sleep yet—the Kickstarter's just 75% funded as of this writing, and with just seven hours left to go, it's coming down to the wire. Don't you want to let poor Dave sleep? Fund the Kickstarter now! It's good enough for actual Gridiron Heroes backer and Zynga co-founder Justin Waldron. A pledge of just $10 gets your name in the credits, while just a little more allows you to name your own player—and a little more than that allows you to name a really good player.

About Gridiron Heroes
Gridiron Heroes is a brand-new American football simulator for Facebook which takes the classic simplicity of Tecmo Bowlgameplay and makes it a social experience. Players take control of their team from its inception, naming it and assigning team colors and logos, before being placed in a league with all their Facebook buddies. There, it's up to the player to manage every aspect of their team's performance, from training players and developing strategy and tactics, to managing the stadium itself and even setting hot dog prices.

Fans are encouraged to contribute to Gridiron Heroes' Kickstarter page, which will help fund the development of Gridiron Heroes'multiplayer component. For more information about Gridiron Heroes and the people who made it, check out the company website at

Status as of this post:

$6,033PLEDGED OF $7,500 GOAL

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