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Gratuitous Tank Battles now available for pre-order + Beta access

Posted by Dave Seaman on Saturday, 17 March 2012

"Are you ready soldier? Your country needs you, your king is relying on you, your sweetheart is depending on you. It's time to bring this long sorry war to an end..."

Gratuitous Tank Battles, the alternate history 'World-War-1-with mechs' strategy game has entered Beta, and is available for pre-orders NOW.

Gratuitous Tank battles is a new PC strategy game that blends the best bits of tower-defense, real-time-strategy and simulation / management games. A spiritual (if not actual) successor to Gratuitous Space Battles, GTB takes the tower defence genre by the scruff of the neck and stamps on it with heavily armored mechs-feet.

GTB differs from conventional Tower Defense in many ways. Firstly, you can play either side (attack/defense), secondly all the units are customised both simulation-wise and visually. Thirdly, the game has a built in map-editor and map-sharing feature to encourage widespread custom-map-making. Fourthly, GTB lets you save out your own attacking decisions, then play against them as defender. And lastly, the game also features optional 'adaptive' AI rather than just pre-scripted waves of enemies (although these are available as well).

Set during an alternate future where world war one never ended, and continues to be fought with mechs and laser-tanks, GTB blends hardcore strategy gaming with a light-hearted sarcastic sense of humour. The war has raged for 200 years, but our superior officers are convinced it will all be over this Christmas, however many poor beggars have to be crushed into the dirt to make that happen.

Gratuitous Tank Battles will be available through steam and other portals on final release, but currently it can be pre-ordered direct from the developer at

Pre-ordering now gets you immediate access to the current beta-version of the game, and people buying now will get steam keys issued when the game is released on steam at a later date.

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