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San Francisco – March 1, 2012 – GameSpy Technology, a leader in cloud-based connected game services, has announced that more than 600 games are now in development that utilize the company’s award-winning tools and APIs for online gameplay services across all platforms. These 600 projects come from the more than 1,200 developers who have enrolled in GameSpy Technology’s “Open” program for independent developers since it began on February 25, 2011. The quickly growing roster of projects using GameSpy’s services includes such exciting titles as Emotional Robots’ iOS first-person shooter, Warm Gun, Reverge Labs’ highly-anticipated 2D fighting game, Skullgirls, Glu Mobile’s wildly popular mobile shooter, Gun Bros, and Adhesive Games’ ambitious giant robot shooter, Hawken.  The GameSpy services have garnered both interest from developers, as well as industry accolades, receiving the honor of the 2011 Front Line Award for Networking in Game Developer magazine’s annual evaluation of the year’s best game-making tools.

“GameSpy Open is enabling online features that help connect indie titles like SkullgirlsWarm Gun, and Hawken, along with massively popular mobile games like Gun Bros stand out in a competitive gaming landscape dominated by multi-million dollar projects,” said Drew Curby, Senior Director, Sales & Marketing, GameSpy Technology. “Developers of all sizes are accessing our freely available technology to produce innovative online features.”

When Glu Mobile decided to bring its incredibly popular mobile title Gun Bros to Android, the company utilized GameSpy Technology to painlessly adapt the game’s fast-paced, co-op multiplayer infrastructure to an entirely new platform without investing months into painstakingly testing and implementing online functionality.

Reverge Labs also turned to GameSpy Open for its upcoming 2D, anime-styled fighting game, Skullgirls, which uses GameSpy Technology to power the game’s one-on-one multiplayer match-ups.

Skullgirls is a fast-paced hand-drawn fighting game, in which the gameplay is defined by its inventive combo-crazy multiplayer bouts, so having a seamless multiplayer experience is one of our most important achievements,” said Richard Wyckoff, CEO of Reverge Labs, “Having GameSpy Technology’s support means having a slew of robust online services at our disposal to pick and choose from. It couldn’t be easier for developers to jump in and add features, and for gamers to jump in and kick ass when it lands on downloadable services in 2012.”

Hawken is a visually stunning, free to play, multiplayer Mech FPS combat game from Los Angeles games studio, Adhesive.  Open beta is slated for 12.12.12.  With the game’s strong emphasis on fast-paced action and competition, the developer, Adhesive Games, utilized GameSpy Technology to deliver seamlessly integrated multiplayer functionality reliable online matchmaking for gamers. 

“With Hawken, we’ve had a small team working to create a game with huge scope and scale,” says Jonathan Kreuzer of Adhesive Games. “By using GameSpy, we could start with a proven technology to quickly deliver the online experience we wanted.”

Independent developer Emotional Robots is among the roster of more than 1,200 companies actively incorporating GameSpy Open services into their work for their game Warm Gun. Emotional Robots are using the Unreal Engine to power a visually striking “steampunk”/Western first person shooter on the iOS platform with multiplayer battles that pit up to four players against each other, pairing the visuals of UE3 with the power of GameSpy’s matchmaking tools. 

“Making a robust online experience is absolutely essential for the Emotional Robots team and for Warm Gun,” Zach Lehman, Executive Producer at Emotional Robots. “Warm Gun is a full game experience with Unreal Engine-powered visuals, great artwork and most importantly, an intense multiplayer experience with multiple character
classes, maps and game types. GameSpy Technology helps us to put together a complete package , with robust data tracking, social network integration and multiplayer.  With their commitment to delivering a combination of tools and services, it’s little wonder they received the Front Line Award for Networking.”

All of GameSpy Technology’s services are free for developers to download and access from, allowing them to immediately explore how to incorporate online functionality and data tracking into their games. The cross-platform SDKs include open APIs for rich player data tracking that assist in gauging game performance and audience engagement, leaderboards, user-generated content storage tools to enable actively-engaged communities to collaborate and extend the gameplay experience, and multiplayer matchmaking services. GameSpy Technology’s services have been tested and proven at multiple levels of scale, from popular cross-platform indie titles like Dungeon Defenders to Triple-A experiences like Crysis 2 and Red Dead Redemption. Developers who are interested in exploring the GameSpy Technology’s Open Initiative can visit the company’s booth during GDC (1624 in Moscone Center South Hall) to meet with the dedicated team and for hands-on time with a slew of titles that utilize GameSpy Technology Services.

Developers can immediately enroll in the open game development revolution at

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