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CBE software launches a new website

Posted by Dave Seaman on Friday, 16 March 2012

(Right, time to catch up...)

Brno, Czech Republic – March 8, 2012 

CBE software, an independent video game development company, has launched a brand new website which can be found at . 

CBE software, a company which was transformed from Cardboard Box Entertainment, is known by recently released PC video game J.U.L.I.A. or Ghost in the Sheet, paranormal comedy from 2007. 

Jan Kavan, director at CBE software, says “We felt, that it was about time to create a place, where our community can watch our progress at one single place. There are two brand new games coming from CBE software later this year and we want to provide our fans with a comfortable means how to find out what is going on here at CBE software.” 

In addition to the company website, CBE software has set up Twitter and Facebook pages as a fast information channel through social networks. 

About CBE software 

CBE software was transformed from Cardboard Box Entertainment in 2011 as a reaction to the move from a bedroom programming towards more focused game development. 

As an independent game development company, CBE software has a clear mission: To bring strong stories to life, and explore new possibilities beyond the traditional gameplay paradigm. 

Useful links: 
Company Webpage: 

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