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Stoic Studio is formed by 3 ex-BioWare veterans...

Posted by Dave Seaman on Saturday, 18 February 2012

Stoic, a new independent game studio based in Austin, publicly launched this week.  There are a team of three ex-BioWare people:  John Watson, Alex Thomas, and Arnie Jorgensen.  They were all lead developers on the recently launched Star Wars: The Old Republic, and industry veterans. 

They are currently working on a game called The Banner Saga.  It will be an story based roleplaying game supported by a very unique art style.  It will include BioWare-style dialog, exploration of gorgeously painted landscapes, and turn-based strategic combat.  The story is compelling and epic, and your choices will dramatically affect the outcome of the story.

They intend to release the turn-based combat as a stand alone game this Spring, followed by the full story based and exploration game in the Fall.  There is already some information on their website, and they are on schedule to release a promotional video next week, which will showcase all of the gameplay aspects of The Banner Saga.

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