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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Android indie game review - Rocket Weasel

Rocket Weasel by Freeze Tag is a nice little android game where you play a rocket-propelled weasel on a mission to rescue chickens. In each level you have to set the angle and power of his flight in order to reach the cage on the other side, hopefully picking up bonuses and avoiding obstacles in between. It's a very simple concept but nicely realised, with the levels getting gradually more challenging as extra elements are added to the game. The controls and concept might be very simple, but that doesn't mean completing the game is going to be easy...

The graphics are very nice and have a cartoony yet detailed quality; the music is good, very lively and upbeat, and there are some amusing sound effects. Overall it's a very polished production that will keep you going for quite a while. It's also simple enough to be fun for even very young children.

The trailer below gives you a good idea of the graphics and music, and to some extent gameplay. Rocket Weasel is a really fun game that manages to find the right line between accessibility and challenge.

You can get the Android version of this game from:
  • Android Marketplace

(Rocket Weasel costs $0.99)

Official blurb:

The forest animals send their little critters to "Weasel's School for Hunting Chickens" to learn from Mr. Weasel, an expert chicken hunter. On a midnight field trip, Mr. Weasel and his students sneak into the hen house, but everything goes horribly wrong! The farmer is waiting for them with crafty cages and treacherous traps. Help Mr. Weasel save his students and chomp the chickens.

Features:• An interactive puzzler for the whole family
• 64 levels of rocket-flying, crate-crashing fun
• Friendly animals who help free your friends
• Colorful characters and spectacular graphics

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