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A Sirius Game and its walkthrough now available.

Posted by Dave Seaman on Monday, 23 January 2012

23rd January, 2012 (Bangalore, India): A Sirius Game has been released last week and now its strategy guide is also available. A Sirius Game takes you to a beautiful and medieval world of fantasy ships, pirates and adventure similar to Tradewinds games, except that it is in 3D! 

The Story – It all started on a nice, bright and sunny day. Sirius, an arrogant brat, gets thrown out of his house by his father after a squabble. Now he gets set to take revenge of this petty disgrace. He takes his battle ship and heads into the ocean. The spoilt child now has to perform tasks like escorting merchant ships safely to ports, trading items and fighting off magical creatures. He needs to put away his pride and act all goody-goody to secure contracts. But wait! Does life finally teach Sirius a lesson? Or is it all lost in his thirst for petty vengeance? 

Game Description: A Sirius Game is 3D, action-adventure game with RPG elements. Those who have played the Tradewinds series of games from Sandlot Games will love to discover the similar game play in a beautiful 3D world. The player needs to protect merchant ships from pirates, complete quests, trade items and much more! The game is set in a medieval environment with quirky humor and a lots of side quests and fantasy based pirate ships. 

The walkthrough for the game is also now available. The strategy guide covers a lot of hints, tips, pirate ship information, side quest solutions, etc. For information about the game and the walkthrough, visit 

Game features: 
A Sirius Games takes the player to a medieval world with a variety of fantasy based and exciting features like: 
1) Four vast zones to explore. 
2) An arsenal of 32 powerful cannons and ammos. 
3) Win 10 challenging trophies! 
4) Fight pirate ships of various sorts like Peacocks, sharks, whales, swordfish, eagle, swans, ghost ships, etc. 
5) Unlock engaging side quests as you unravel Sirius's story. 
6) Get numerous ship upgrades and trade items. 

Over Cloud 9 is a two year old company, devoted specifically to cater to a niche genre of computer RPGs. It was started single handedly by Moumita Paul and after her first successful 2D game Arevan, she ventured into 3D game development in partnership with Phantasm games Studio. A Sirius Game is her first 3D game where she designed the entire game and is in charge of marketing the same. 

Phantasm Games is an independent games studio with three years development experience in XBLIG platform and 3D gaming. Their custom made game engine is a versatile development kit for creating a variety of games for both PC and Xbox platforms. 

For more information, see this post.


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