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Wilmington, DE, January 25, 2012 - The Indie Game Magazine ( proudly announces its conjunction with the A MAZE. Indie Connect ( festival as the latest official media partner. This announcement signifies a boost in international press coverage for Europe's biggest upcoming indie game focused festival. From igniting creativity through the sharing of ideas to the handing out of honorary awards, The Indie Game Magazine will expose the finest creative minds that Europe has to offer. 

Independent games are our lifeblood at The Indie Game Magazine (IGM). Without them we would be sapped of creativity, bereft of spirit and left without that constant struggle to find meaning in the medium. 

It makes sense then, to revitalize our passion and to share it with others. In fact, this remains not just a positive gesture but a necessity to realise our greater goal: to spread the word about the exciting world of indie games. 

This is why we have founded a partnership with A MAZE. Indie Connect (Indie Connect). Established and recognised as the first Indie Games Conference in Berlin when it ignited its fire in May 2011, the Indie Connect Festival unites indie game developers from all over Europe to share their passion, knowledge and artistic vision. 

Fueled by the many attending enthusiasts, Indie Connect is a means to enthuse the European indie game scene with an exchange of ideas and a meeting of talent. Presentations, workshops, game jams and awards provide an insight into the amazing mind of these indie game developers and work to kindle their creative expression. It is without doubt the bustling center, the fervent cusp of the 21st century's most dynamic and wondrous art form: computer games. 

It is of no coincidence that Indie Connect takes place in Europe's most artistically exciting city; Berlin. The founder and director of A MAZE., and Indie Connect's creator, Thorsten S. Wiedemann; plants the festival's roots into the rich soils and the energy of the changing world, of which Berlin so markedly encapsulates. 

The backdrop of Berlin provides Indie Connect with intensity, acting as an annual melting pot for the European indie game scene so that artistic, experimental and visionary games and their producers could be united and accentuated. 

This is why IGM Magazine now joins as part of the league of media partners who aim to cover Indie Connect, along with VICE Magazine, GEE, Zitty and the local press. We all come together to expose the incredible hive of creativity that is the European indie game scene, to amplify its voice and to share the beautiful minds that form its being. 

Our joining as yet another prestigious official media partner of Indie Connect will continue towards the goal of a greater and more diverse digital culture. We hope you will join us in appreciating what the European indie game scene has to offer. 


By combining courage for experimentation and joy in gaming, A MAZE. ( celebrates the convergence of computer games and art. A MAZE. is more than simply a festival – it is a series of events as well as a conceptual format that offers a regularly emerging platform for interdisciplinary exchange. Creatives are encouraged to break down the conventional computer game and surpass established concepts of play. 


The Indie Game Magazine ( is the premier source of news and culture for the independent gaming. Started in October 2008 and published bi-monthly by Mike Gnade, IGM has matured into a definitive voice for the indie gaming scene. Combining no-nonsense reviews, in-depth reviews and long-form features with the leading lights of the industry, the magazine, like the games it covers, is independently owned and fiercely independent as it strives to highlight the artists and community behind what it deems the most creative branch of the video gaming universe. 


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