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Posted by Dave Seaman on Saturday, 28 January 2012

Cliffski is happy to announce that not only will Gratuitous Tank Battles be released on steam, it will also support Steam achievements and steam cloud for saving out your unit designs and maps (even if you don't buy or run the game through steam, GTB will also support achievements).

GTB was voted the 'most anticipated game of 2012' according to

Also, you can hear GTB developer Cliff Harris writing in future issues of 'Custom PC' magazine in the UK and also speaking on 'getting things done' at the 'Bit of Alright' Indie Games Conference in London, Feb 3rd.

Also, work is being done towards getting Gratuitous Space Battles ready for it's ipad debut at some future point.

The website for GTB: Gratuitous Tank Battles.


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