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The Game Bakers' SQUIDS Official Soundtrack Now Available -- Name Your Price!

Posted by Dave Seaman on Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Game Bakers' SQUIDS Official Soundtrack Now Available -- Name Your Price!
Plus: For two days only, get the game on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch for just $0.99

PARIS - January 18, 2012 - Indie development studio The Game Bakers has released the SQUIDS official soundtrack, a collection of catchy original compositions by Romain Gauthier. An underwater epic that stars a ragtag team of cephalopod heroes, SQUIDS swam up the App Store charts last autumn to become the App Store's #1 RPG in 51 countries and the #1 paid app in France. The soundtrack can be downloaded from, with the title track offered for free. For a very limited time, customers can pay whatever price they choose for the full 11-track album, with all proceeds contributing to the independent production of an upcoming SQUIDS sequel.

To celebrate the soundtrack's release, SQUIDS for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch has been temporarily discounted to $0.99 -- 50% off the usual $1.99 price. Using intuitive touch controls, SQUIDS players command a small army of stretchy, springy sea creatures to protect an idyllic underwater kingdom. Since its October release, this creative game has had more than 100k downloads and quickly became a fan favorite, earning an average 5-star user rating. To take advantage of the 50% off 48-hour sale, visit SQUIDS on the App Store:

The game's mix of grand adventure elements and whimsical cartoon fun is reflected in Gauthier's music, which blends classic RPG tropes with lighthearted mandolins, steel drums, and synthesizers. The soundtrack purchase includes a digital booklet with colorful SQUIDS artwork and liner notes from the composer. After January 20, the soundtrack will cost a minimum of USD $4 with the "name your price" option still available for those who wish to support the developers further.

Initially an iOS exclusive, SQUIDS will also release for PC, Mac, and Android in the coming months. To learn more, visit the developer's website at or join the SQUIDS Facebook community at

About Romain Gauthier
Romain Gauthier has been composing music for video games since 1997. Between 2001 and 2007 he was the worldwide audio director for Gameloft, where he worked on sound and music for more than 60 games and was responsible for training and managing all audio staff across Canada, the US, France, Romania, and China. Now a full-time independent composer, Gauthier has written soundtracks for a number of short films and indie games, including Godzilab's iBlast Moki and Mobigame's Edge. His compositions have a "Nintendollywood" vibe strongly influenced by the game soundtracks and film music of the 1980s, with effective melodies that listeners find themselves humming for days. Gauthier currently lives in Tokyo. To view his credits and hear samples of his work, visit

About The Game Bakers
The Game Bakers is an independent video game studio based in Paris and Montpellier, France. Founded and staffed by industry veterans whose credits include numerous AAA console games, The Game Bakers focuses on creative projects that combine traditional gaming values with the emerging opportunities afforded by touch devices and the exploding mobile market. Their first game, SQUIDS, is available now for iOS and is coming soon to Android, PC, and Mac. To learn more, visit the company's website at The Game Bakers are also on Facebook ( and Twitter (


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