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The Fall of Gods - now available for Xbox for a reduced price

Posted by Dave Seaman on Monday, 23 January 2012

"The Fall Of Gods" is now available on XBLIG for 80 MSP. Any fans of Zelda or Secret of Mana will probably find themselves right at home with this game.

Compared to the original PC release (see review), the game now includes some new features like movement speed control (including a sneak mode), new spells, items and animations.

Fall of Gods on XBLIG


I have one free copy of Fall of Gods (via  prepaid code on XBLIG) for the first person who emails me the answer to these questions about the game (you'll need to play the demo - available from the XBLOG page above - to find the answers [it's really not too difficult] and that way you'll know if you want to play the complete game too :-D):

  • There's a hole deep down the Arlan lake; how may stones are around that hole? 
  • The hero is helped out by Ariana who also  explains game controls, what's her hair colour? 

When you know the answers, .  I'll update this when the prize has gone.


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