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Clay Jam: Show Us Your Monster!

Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 26 January 2012

In development by Fat Pebble, Clay Jam is set in a world made entirely of modelling clay. You guide a rolling pebble down a hill, squashing monsters and avoiding things that are bigger than you. It has a unique control system which sees players gouging grooves in the ground to steer the out-of-control pebble to the bottom of the hill. As you squash things, you grow – Katamari-style – making you go faster and letting you crush bigger and bigger things.

It's due out for iOS and Android in February 2012. 

They're also running a "design your own monster" competition, see the video below:

Artistic ability doesn’t matter – they're looking for imagination. and will take the winning beastie, turn it into clay and then put it in the game as one of the big bosses!


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