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Trailer for Retro Hero

Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 24 November 2011

New trailer for Trytek's upcoming retro platformer, Retro Hero:

The game is going to be released on the Windows 7 Phone first, then Xbox and PC versions will be released.

Official Website

Trytek is a small indie game studio from the Netherlands. Trytek develops games for X-box, PC and Windows Mobile 7 / Mango. Android games will coming soon.


Trytek said...

Trytek released a new gameplay trailer of the upcoming windows phone 7 game Retro Warfare 3 ! They will release more trailers soon. You will find Retro Warfare 3 on the marketplace end of this summer.

Follow Trytek on twitter @TrytekNL or check out our website ( for the latest news and updates about this new game.

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