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SickBrick - an oldschool FPS for PC, Mac and Linux

Posted by Dave Seaman on Friday, 11 November 2011

SickBrick is the first game of Mladen BoĆĄnjak (don't ask me how you pronounce that name! Oh okay then, I'd pronounce it Maladen Boshyak - but I could well be wrong...) an indie game developer from Croatia. SickBrick is an action-oriented Sci-Fi FPS with modern graphics and oldschool gameplay. It's out now for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Demo Download 


Mladen said...

And you would pronounce it almost perfect! Thanks for posting this!

CaptainD said...

Yay for my Croatian pronunciation skills! :-D (I forgot the N in your surname, but that was merely a typo...)

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