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Mortal Online - new patch released

Posted by Dave Seaman on Monday, 28 November 2011

I've not tried this game myself, but I was sent news recently on an "FPSMMORPG" (!) that's recently been updated.

"Star Vault in Sweden just released a very interesting new patch for their FPSMMORPG, Mortal Online.

It basically introduces a new feature called territory control. It's makes it possible for the large guilds to claim whatever land they want in the world and even take control over the NPC-controlled cities to change their city rules. With this they introduced a website that live-updates with the current world, and who controls what.

It's really cool and very different from you current mainstream MMOs and really deserves more press, even thou it's kinda buggy at points.   They have a free trial too if you to try it out."



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