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Jurassic Park Episode 1 now out

Posted by Dave Seaman on Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Message from TellTale Games:

The time has come! The gates have opened and the full season of Jurassic Park: The Game is available today for download on PC and Mac. Episode One is available as an App from the App Store on iPad (iPad2 only), and North American customers can grab it for PlayStation Network or visit their favorite retailer to pick it up on Xbox 360. We'll have details on European PSN and Xbox 360 releases soon.

Play the cinematic adventure that takes you back to Isla Nublar and answers the question that Jurassic Park fans have had since they first saw the movie in 1993 - "What happened to the Barbasol can full of stolen dinosaur embryos?" Visit new locations, encounter never-before-seen dinosaurs, and learn the fate of Isla Nublar - as John Hammond would say "it's right up your alley".

Telltale Store

iPad version:


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