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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Indie iOS Game Review - "Penny shoel" by Lump Apps

There is a reason why arcade-like games work well on phones. They are simple to learn but tricky to master, they are designed to be addictive and inspire the "one more score point" mentality, and possibly most importantly, they can be played in very short amounts of time.

This game "Penny Shoel" is a game in which you must roll or slide or flick a puck or coin into a number of slots which are each worth a number of points.

Along with accuracy strategy comes into play, as there is a bonus each time you get all of the slots. The pucks can be pushed back out from the slots so soft bs hard flicks are always an important factor in what your final score might be. Strategy and accuracy really come into play when there are many missed puck covering the alley-like board. At this point it becomes like a coin-pusher, trying to get coins into the slots by manipulating the overall group.

The games aesthetic is nice and the graphics quality is good enough to express this, with several unlockable skins/pucks.

The controls are simple and feel  very good, mainly because of the drag you can feel on the puck. This takes a bit of getting used to but it makes the game not only more realistic, but also more fun.

The sound is good, in that you could forget it's there. The sounds of pucks colliding are not too loud to be distracting and are realistic enough to not sound out of place.

Graphics: 65%
Sound: 70%
Control : 80%
Longevity: 80%
Fun: 75%

Review by:
Joshua "Arro" Paul Merrick,

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