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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Indie Game Review - Retention

Retention is a bit of a strange game.  You play someone recently deceased (or about to be recently deceased?) and have to go through his memory, trying to bring him back or at least find a meaning to his existence.  You have 630 heart beats to do this in...

There are a set of photos, 3 in each set, and you have to choose one of them.  With 85 sets of photos this takes a few minutes.  Each photograph has a small one-line description to go with it.  When all are selected (or if your time runs out – after 10 minutes 30 seconds - though that didn’t happen to me in 2 play-throughs), you can reach one of the different endings, or fail to reach an ending at all – you failed to find the meaning of this guy’s experience.

The photos are good and there’s a great music track to go with it, but to be honest I couldn’t make out how you were supposed to work out which photos to choose – beyond choosing pics with one person in would lead you to a lonely existence, etc.

To me, Retention is a novel idea, but not much of a game.  It’s certainly unique and a rather interesting concept, but personally it didn’t really grab me.  If the idea appeals to you, maybe you’ll enjoy it more than I did.  

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