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"Fractal" for Mac

Posted by Dave Seaman on Friday, 18 November 2011

Zap your senses with Cipher Prime’s mind-warping technicolor music puzzler “Fractal” at the Mac App Store, Steam and Cipher Prime’s online store

Cipher Prime expands to popular channels for the first time with fan favorite

November 17, Philadelphia, PA - Today indie gaming innovator Cipher Prime continues its impressive expansion, introducing Fractal as the company’s first game for the Mac App Store and Steam.  Starting from modest roots with a start-up launch title just a few short years ago, these new channels continue the Fractal experience from the game’s distribution on iPad in August.  Fractal for Mac is expected to be available on the Mac App Store today. The Steam release for PC and Mac is planned for the coming weeks. 

In this lush music puzzler, Fractal players push, combo, and chain their way through a pulsing kaleidoscopic dreamscape, which pumps all the while at 130 BPM.  Three different gameplay modes in Fractal and an ever evolving soundtrack keep the experience fun and interesting.  Campaign mode takes players through the world of discovery, with each level presenting new ways to play, while continually extending the challenges. The campaign bends and twists in ways that will completely alter the way people view the game.  Puzzle mode features over 50 intense scenarios that hone the players’ skills for Campaign mode -- right up until the time it sets their brains on fire.  Arcade mode adds to the mix, with flat out fast-paced thrills.  In addition to the Mac App Store and Steam, Fractal is available directly from Cipher Prime’s online store at  The price at all channels is $6.99.

Cipher Prime Creative Director Will Stallwood exclaims “Steam and Mac App Store at last!  It’s been quite a year, with multiple well-received new releases.  Bringing our games to new audiences through these excellent channels has been a long time goal.  And we’ve got quite a bit more planned for the near future!”

Customers who had purchased a previous version of Fractal for PC or Mac can get a free upgrade to the new version.  Cipher Prime is sending notification emails to prior customers with more details.

For more information about Fractal, visit

About Cipher Prime

Cipher Prime is a multi-award winning creative agency from Philadelphia specializing in game development. Their debut game Auditorium, launched in Spring 2008 to great critical acclaim and earned numerous awards. Fractal, their second game, captured the attention of gamers everywhere. Earlier this year, Cipher Prime released Pulse: Volume One for iPad, the company’s best-selling game to date.  Cipher Prime is committed to empowering other developers by sharing business knowledge, and seeks to help enrich the independent developer community.  Additional information available at


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