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Dungeon Overlord - Hardcore strategy MMO for PC and Mac

Posted by Dave Seaman on Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Dungeon Overlord, a hardcore strategy MMO for Macs and PCs, has just launched. In the game players begin with a tiny lair and a few goblins; but by raiding camps, pillaging enemy players, training minions and researching spells, overlords can expand their territory into an empire as well as try to crown themselves king.

·         Start Your Kingdom - Build your dungeon and attract an army capable of world domination
·         Expand Your Empire - Construct new dungeons, raid the Overworld and pillage other players
·         Interact with Others - Buy items from the player-driven market, form alliances, enslave your friends, attack and even conquer your enemies
·         Crown Yourself King - Claim the Heart of the Mountain and tax your fellow players
·         Unlock Rewards - Complete epic quests, research new technologies or craft your own equipment to obtain stronger minions, upgrades and rewards


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