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Monday, 21 November 2011

Dragon Island announced by ZigZaGame Inc.

Dragon Island borrows elements from old favorites like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Pokemon, blends them with brand new gameplay ideas to create a unique iPhone/iPad/iPod touch gaming experience. 

Dragon Island essentially builds on the theme Pokemon introduced - catching cool monsters is awesome.  In Dragon Island, the player's mission is to collect and build an army of monsters to fight with. Like Pokemon, most of the 200 monsters in Dragon Island belong to an evolve chain.  In addition, some monsters in Dragon Island can be combined to create new monsters. 

So What Makes This Game Different?

* No Healing: Yes, there are no healing spells in the game. Unlike most RPGs where party members are precious "friends", party members in Dragon Island are expendable units in the player's army.  In fact, party members will die all the time, same way individual units in a war strategy game are expendable.

* Batting Order: To use a baseball analogy, a player must plan a batting order of monsters before leaving for adventure. Only 3 monsters can fight at one time, but once a monster dies it is replaced by the next monster in the batting order as planned by the player. Planning an effective batting order that matches the enemies you expect to meet is extremely important in Dragon Island.

* Strength In Numbers: The measure of an army's strength is its lasting power. Better monster armies will make it farther into a dungeon before having to run back to town. Towns completely heal monsters but also reset all battles. There are many way-points so you can pick up where you last found one.

* 200 Awesome Looking Monsters: Monster Collection games in the past aimed for cute looking monsters, as in Pokemon or Dragon Quest Monsters.  Monsters in Dragon Island, hand drawn by a young Japanese Artist, are not cute by any means - vicious might be the word.  As a monster collection RPG, we made sure the monsters in Dragon Island are awesome.  

Dragon Island is currently about 80% complete, and heavily over budget. In order to raise enough funds to give this game some finishing touches, a KickStarter project with the same name has been launched. 

KickStarter is a social funding platform where anybody can decide to fund a creative project of choice in return for a "reward" - right to name monsters, access to KickStarter exclusive monsters, etc.  For more details and a video demo, please visit the following link.

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