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Descend to the Beat - a music game for iOS, PC and Mac

Posted by Dave Seaman on Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Baygull Studios recently released their first original game, Descend the Beat for iPhone, iPad, PC, and Mac.  Descend the Beat is a music-puzzle game that may have classic block falling mechanics, but don’t let that fool you; Baygull are bringing you a fresh experience to dive into. As blocks fall in sequence to the hypnotizing vibe you’ll have to be quick to push, pull, and explode blocks to complete the challenge at hand before the blocks reach the top!

·         PC / Mac
o   21 Unique themes (Pirates, African Plains, Zombies, 8-bit and more!)
o   35+ minutes of original music to listen and enjoy
o   300+ mind-bending puzzles (15 per theme)
o   Arcade Mode - Enables players to cruise through the game with their senses.
o   Challenge Mode - Players that have mastered Arcade mode can try their hand at Challenge Mode that throws at them more blocks and hard clear scenarios.
o   Blocks fall and appear in-tune with the music
o   Puzzles and block designs are all hand-designed to provide the players with an organic design feel instead of a mathematical algorithmic world.
·         iPhone / iPad
o   7 Original Themes including Pirates, 8-bit, Tron-esque, and more!
o   8 Original new songs!
o   100+ mind-bending puzzles!
o   Arcade Mode, Challenge Mode, and Puzzle Mode!

So get ready to experience the next best music-puzzle game to take this world by storm! Follow your ears as the music guides you to Descend the Beat on Mac, PC, iPhone, and iPad!

iPhone Version:

iPad Version:

Mac Version:


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