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World of Football is an arcade style football game that enables you to play real time football matches with up to 19 other players at the same time. The game is Free to Play and is launching an invite-only Alpha version on Facebook in November, followed by a Closed Beta, before launching in Open Beta in early 2012.
Be the first to try the game, by signing up at! The first wave of invites will be sent out in a foreseeable future and more players will be invited over the course of the test. While testers will enjoy a sneak peek at the game, they will also provide valuable feedback, as they will help the developers test new features and ensure server stability. All testers will receive a free ingame gift once World of Football goes live.
Apart from real time multiplayer football matches, World of Football will give players the ability to customize and manage their own team, buy and customize the player outfits and even build their own stadium! Several game modes will become available, such as leagues and tournaments - both official and user generated. In the future, World of Football will also be available on other platforms and as a mobile app.
You can check out the development progress on Social links are available on the website as well.
About the Developers
Big Bite Games is a Copenhagen-based independent company, which was recently founded with an aim to develop World of Football. The core team consists of the three founders, who have more than 25 years of experience developing games, from Set Top Box games to triple-A titles. Going forward, Big Bite Games is planning to release 1 to 2 games per year.
Game information:
Release Date: Early 2012
Platform: Facebook
Genre: Sports, Arcade, Multiplayer
Price: Free-to-Play
Engine: Unity 3D


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