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Battlemass - new multiplayer turn-based strategy game for PC & Mac

Posted by Dave Seaman on Friday, 11 November 2011

Battlemass is a new turn-based multiplayer strategy game. Players play against each other on maps divided into areas of various sizes which consists of tiles. Players can build cities in these areas to take control of them and to build more units in them. Players can also build harvesters to harvest the tiles for resources and destroy the tiles in the process. The goal in Battlemass is to destroy your opponent’s city (or cities) before he does the same to you.

Each turn consists of 3 phases. The 1st phase is the combat and movement phase in which a player can move his units around the map (units may move a limited number of tiles per turn) and attack any of his opponent’s units that are in range.

The 2nd phase is the harvest phase. A player will get an opportunity to select each of his harvesters in turn and select the tile that should be harvested. Resources, called edon, will be extracted from the tile and the tile will go into a decaying state. Tiles that are decaying cannot be harvested again and with each turn change the decay will get worse until the tile is removed from the game; any land unit on that tile will then be destroyed. A tile will go through 3 stages of decay before it is removed.

The 3rd phase is the build phase in which a player can select his city and target any open tile in the same area as the city to build new units on, provided he has enough resources (edon) to build the unit.

The Demo/Free version of the game which allows you to play unlimited matches on the free maps using the free units.
You can also buy Battlemass for $15 US to unlock all the maps and units of the game.


dogma7 said...

This game looks pretty good. I might have to try it out.

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