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Age of Barbarian - new trailer

Posted by Dave Seaman on Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Age of Barbarian by Crain Soft is a side scrolling game that mixes many different elements together: Role Play Game, Platform and Hack'n Slash.  It takes, reconsiders and amplifies the original concept of games such as Moonstone and the Barbarian series, mixing in elements from Prince of Persia. Aside from the battles, there are zones to explore, traps to avoid and even small riddles to solve.

Age of Barbarian is strongly inspired by Robert E. Howard's world of Conan and its representation by the great illustrator Frank Frazetta and has an added splash of horror.

I'm not putting the trailer up here as it doesn't exactly fit in with my idea of Indie Game News being family friendly... but if you like the sound of the game, more information and the trailer can be found on the official website.


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