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Tower Siege 1.0 for iOS - Very Hard but very Interesting

Posted by Dave Seaman on Sunday, 16 October 2011

Odessa, Ukraine - Synaptic Wave today is glad to announce the new arcade game Tower Siege. The main player's task is to protect the Tesla Tower from massive enemy attacks as long as possible. For the tower demolition, they will use a variety of types of weapons - from usual submachine guns to air-to-surface missiles. Gamers will have to use for each of 15 separate types of enemies individual tactic, because they will come on foot, by motorcycles, fast cars, or arrive on gliders and helicopters. By the way, up to several dozens of enemies can be on the screen at the same time.

To counter such a massive attack, developers have laid in the gamers arsenal a unique set of powerful Specials, several types of conventional and special weapons - mines, bombs, freeze, earthquake. At the same time there is a possibility of multi-level upgrade (up to 100 levels). But for this gamer must have a certain amount of money and points which he can earn in the game.

Integration with OpenFeint, Game Center, Facebook and Twitter allows player to share achievements with millions of people around the world.

Feature Highlights:
* Exciting gameplay with incredible number of levels
* Unique playing world with excellent graphics
* 9 unique and powerful Specials
* 15 various kinds of enemies
* More than 25 Achievements
* Up to 100 upgrading levels of Specials
* Up to 10 in-game user profiles
* OpenFeint & Game Center integration with full support of Achievements and Leaderboards
* Facebook & Twitter integration
* Possibility to change the color of blood
* Possibility to play music from iPod's Library

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
* iOS 3.1.2 or later

Pricing and Availability:
Tower Siege for iPhone/iPod and Tower Siege HD for iPad is now free and available worldwide through the AppStore in the Games category.

Synaptic Wave is an independent development company founded in 2009. With a focus on entertainment, Synaptic Wave creates various gaming and business apps for the Mac and iOS platforms.

*visit the iTunes, App Store and Mac App Store*


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