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Sherbet Thieves now Available on XBOX Live Marketplace

Posted by Dave Seaman on Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Bang Zero Bang releases debut game Sherbet Thieves on XBOX Live Indie Games for 80 points (1 US Dollar, or 1 Strip of Gold-Pressed Latinum, or 48 Rupees).  

Sherbet Thieves Cause Shortages!
Earth, Milky Way Galaxy - September 30, 2011 20XX (Amalgamated Press) - Orbital Sherbet Farms around the human home world Earth are being crippled by raids upon their crops, causing sherbet prices throughout the Milky Way to hit record highs.   Reports of space hippies, mutant flies, and sherbet pirates have been coming in throughout the week, with no signs of slowing down.

How you can help: Earth defense forces are engaged in preventing giant insects from eating the surprisingly delicious city of New York, so orbital farms have been relying on freelancers and mercenaries to keep the sherbet flowing.  To join the fight, go to your Xbox dashboard and select Games Marketplace > Games & Demos > Indie Games.  Select Titles A-Z, Titles beginning with S, and scroll to Sherbet Thieves or click here.  This will install a twin-stick sherbet defense simulator (patent pending) that can be used to remotely operate the jetpack-equipped hayseed mercenary, Proton Joe.

Once you start the simulator, Crop Circle Local 518 President and alien conspiracy expert, Farmer Dan, will provide you with further instructions!

Sherbet Thieves Screenshots:


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