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Adventure fishing with a twist of strategy combined with realistic controls in the palm of your hands!

MONTREAL (October 10, 2011) – Q8ISMobile, Inc., today announces GONE FISH'IN, a fishing adventure game uniquely designed to take advantage of the Nokia Series 40 Touch and Type series of handsets.

GONE FISH'IN delivers a refreshing new way of fishing to players of which they must strategically overcome rocks, weeds, wooden logs, currents and other obstacles to catch their desired fish. Players will be able to play two different fishermen of different qualities through an adventure of 10 luscious environments, including a free play mode, of which of those who just want to jump into fishing right away.

“Unlike other touch screen games on the Series 40, we are proud to offer the same quality of controls as you would play on any other smart phone,” said Mark Foo Bonasoro, president and CEO, Q8ISMobile, Inc. “We try to bring out the best of what the Series 40 has to offer to players out there.”

GONE FISH'IN is currently available on the Nokia OVI Store.

Stay tune for all of our important updates about GONE FISH'IN through our website and Facebook page and Twitter feed for the ongoing developments!

Gone Fish'in on OVI Store

About Q8ISMobile
Originally founded by two passionate university students who had a strong passion for games, Mark Foo Bonasoro and Bob Quenneville in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 2004. Q8ISMobile, Inc. Is an independent developer for mobile games on iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7.


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