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Public Demo for Dirk Dashing 2 v0.6.3 released for PC, Mac and Linux

Posted by Dave Seaman on Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The public demo for Dirk Dashing 2 v0.6.3 is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux! And the full version is available in BMT Micro as well, for those who haven't pre-ordered yet.

This is the version for the 2012 Independent Games Festival main competition. It features a brand new interactive music engine, over 200 new sound effects and ambient sound loops, enemies that have the ability to hear and react to your movements, the ability for Dirk to tip-toe silently, and a number of bug fixes and gameplay tweaks.

You can download the new trial beta from:

All changes listed below. This includes changes for both v0.6.2 (which was not publicly released) and v0.6.3. 

Critical bug fixes
  • Fixed: game intermittently locks up when cameras spot Dirk
  • Fixed: game intermittently locks up when a guard pulls the alarm switch
  • Fixed: saved games are lost on Windows XP when running under the admin account and restarting the computer
  • Fixed: fragmentation bug in the texture loading code eventually causes white textures if you play long enough
General gameplay changes
  • Added 3 different skill levels, and the ability to pick your skill level when you start a new game
    • Levels in the Easy skill level have a bit more ammo and health
    • Guards never shoot in the Easy skill level, even if the alarm goes off
    • Guards always shoot on sight in the Hard skill level, even if the alarm hasn't gone off
    • The Normal skill level is about the same as what you've been playing
  • Added ability for guards and enemies to hear Dirk running, landing after a high jump/fall, and shooting
  • Added ability for Dirk to sneak silently by holding down the Shift key when you move left or right
  • Dying and restarting a level will now reset the level, so it isn't boring to run through empty rooms again
  • Hitting the up arrow no longer stops lateral movements while jumping (should make ladders easier to jump on)
  • Doubled the duration of the x-ray glasses
  • Implemented new interactive music design
    • Most music plays through once instead of looping repeatedly
    • When there is action happening, play music (e.g., Dirk triggers alarm, guard spots Dirk, etc)
    • When Dirk is safe, fade out music
    • Entering certain small buildings/rooms fades music temporarily
  • Added ambient sounds for various levels and rooms
  • Added dozens of new sounds for game objects (hazards, conveyors, platforms, movable boxes, etc)
  • Added the ability for localized sounds to fade out the farther they are from Dirk
  • Added over 150 individual footstep, climbing, and hand-over-hand sounds for Dirk based on different floor materials
  • Added landing sounds when Dirk finishes a jump or fall
  • Added footstep sounds for guards and enemy agents
  • Added new music when completing special boss levels like Chapter 1-7
  • When starting a new game, title music continues to play through the intro comic and chapter selection screens
  • Fixed: end-of-level music still plays even if music is turned off  in game options
Save game
  • Added 2 new save game slots, for a total of 7
  • Fixed: selecting a slot to type in a name, then hitting ESC still saved the game
  • After using a gadget, revert back to your default weapon so you don't inadvertently waste valuable gadgets
  • When you run out of grenades, revert back to your default weapon and don't automatically switch to a gadget
  • Fixed: hide the "inventory full" message when displaying brief case instructions or talking to Agent K or Agent X
  • Fixed: ceiling crawler robot doesn't detect Dirk if he's on a sloped floor
  • Fixed: sometimes jumping on a rat's head doesn't knock it out, so I widened the collision detection box a bit
  • Fixed: when you jump over a guard, he runs too far before he turns around
  • Fixed: enemies intermittently not crossing bridges
  • Fixed: jumping on Bombshelle's head left her in a weird state instead of knocking her out
  • Fixed: sleeping guards on a bridge don't move when bridge is retracted
Moveable crates
  • Fixed: if Dirk intersects with a movable box when returning through a door, reset the box to its original location so Dirk doesn't get stuck inside it
  • Fixed: falling off the edge of some shipping crates causes it to stick to Dirk
  • Fixed: pushing up to go into an elevator while pushing a crate opens the door but Dirk doesn't go through
Replaying levels
  • Fixed: when replaying a level, new slots added by backpacks are not retained when the level is finished
  • Fixed: when replaying a level, you can no longer carry ammo and gadgets out of the level (so you can't keep replaying an easier level and stockpiling equipment)
Level specific bug fixes and tweaks
  • Made minor revisions to the last map in Chapter 1-1 and the break room in Chapter 1-2
  • Fixed: misaligned floor tiles Chapters 1-3, 1-5, and 1-X
  • Fixed: foreground textures are too dark in various levels (version 0.6.1 introduced that bug)
  • Fixed: In chapter 1-4, the string for the light bulb by Agent K overlaps the foreground


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