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New Life in the Dorms Trailer Explains What College is Like

Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 13 October 2011

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA AND NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT – October 11, 2011 – Moment Games, in collaboration with a pair of scissors, some paint, and a glue stick, is proud to release the first trailer for Life in the Dorms, an upcoming comedic adventure game for the Xbox Live Indie Games channel. In this trailer, a man wearing a cardboard head explains what one can expect to find in Life in the Dorms, and also dances a little.

In Life in the Dorms, players take the role of Dack Peeples, a lonely college freshman who's also paranoid that his new roommate is going to carve him up with an axe. Join Dack as he goes through all the typical early dorm-life experiences, such as saying goodbye to Mom and Dad, attending orientation, performing open surgery and—with any luck—discovering the true meaning of ramen noodles. I mean friendship.
Other top bullet points of the game include:
·         Bears! Murder! …Icebreakers!
·         Sharp dialogue written by an acclaimed humor writer
·         A New Game + mode! (Yes, in an adventure game.)
·         Copyediting! And lots of it.
·         A crossover with the hit corporate-simulator Office DisOrders
·         And absolutely no zombies.
Life in the Dorms also introduces a brand-new, social networking-inspired interaction type to the adventure game genre: Dack can post "Flitter" updates about everything and everyone in the game—in fact, he'll have to, in order to solve many of the game's challenging puzzles.
About Life in the Dorms

Life in the Dorms is a collaboration between Ted Hung (creator of Office Disorders) and Paul Franzen (Editor-in-Chief of, and it's currently slated for release this winter on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel. Additional details can be found at Moment Games' official website, and fans are encouraged to follow the game's progress on Facebook and Twitter.
About Moment Games
Moment Games is an independent game studio based in Melbourne, Australia and formed by former LucasArts, THQ, and Electronic Arts employee Ted Hung in 2008. We view games as a new medium of storytelling, and our mission is to create interactive games that focus on telling a great story. For more information, please visit


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