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A message from our friends at Brawsome:

Early on Monday morning I received a call from Screen Australia's Mike Cowap with the good news that MacGuffin's Curse was going to receive additional development funding in Screen Australia's All Media Production program: As the call concluded I was shocked to hear Mike say he had to deliver the unfortunate news to about 80 other applicants that they missed out on this incredibly competitive round of funding.

So what does this mean for MacGuffin's Curse? It means we get a little more time to work on it. Particularly taking some time to polish the game rather than just frantically rushing to fix bugs and ship it. As usual we're doing all we can to make the funding go the distance (read: working for as little as possible), so the release date for MacGuffin's Curse will be moved to post-GDC 2012.

At 150+ rooms, 90+ side quests, tens of thousands of lines of dialog, an estimated 12+ hours of gameplay and releasing on PC, Mac and iOS, we might have bitten off a little more than we could chew with MacGuffin's Curse, but hopefully that will pay off as MacGuffin's Curse is shaping up to be Brawsome's biggest title to date.



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