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Graduate Games release "Best In Show Solitaire"

Posted by Dave Seaman on Monday, 10 October 2011

Wilmington, DE - October 11th, 2011 – Graduate Games is proud to announce the release of Best in Show Solitaire for Windows PC. Best in Show Solitaire is an addictive casual card game by independent game studio, Graduate Games. Mac and Linux ports of the game are still planned. The game is available online for only $14.95 and includes a level editor and strategy guide.

Best in Show Solitaire features over 40 different breeds, unique abilities for each dog, RPG elements, a pet store, achievements, and a light-hearted story about becoming the top dog trainer by winning Best in Show at the National Eastminster Dog Show.

Players will be delighted to play through over 300 unique card layouts on their journey through different locales as they strive to win the National Title of "Best in Show."  Each dog will gain experience and loyalty throughout the adventure, eventually unlocking the breed’s unique abilities.  These abilities will help chain together combos for huge bonus scores.  Players will spend their cash on dog and training supplies to improve their stats and progress through the game’s adventure.

Best in Show Solitaire features bright colorful graphics, adorable dogs and easy-to-learn gameplay with light RPG elements that add depth to the addictive card gameplay. Best in Show Solitaire is enjoyable for player of all ages and perfect for dog lovers.

Features Include: •       40 Different Breeds of Dog’s to train
•       2 Unique Abilities for each dog breed to unlock
•       RPG Elements and Statistics for each canine
•       Easy and Addictive Solitaire Card Gameplay
•       30 Achievements to Unlock
•       Over 300 levels to complete
•       Cards are shuffled and randomly dealt which increases replayability

For more information, screenshots, and videos of Best in Show Solitaire, please visit the game's website:

About Graduate Games Graduate Games is small two-person company that was founded in 2006 by Michael Gnade and Zachary Gebelein in Wilmington, Delaware (The place to be somebody! That is really the city's slogan). Mike and Zak grew up next door to one another and have been friends since they were four. Our game studio, Graduate Games offers fun, creative, and polished games for the kid in all of us.

To learn more about Graduate Games, please visit our website:

See also the Indie Game News interview with Mike Gnade of Graduate Games.


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