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Elite Command Update

Posted by Dave Seaman on Monday, 31 October 2011

Online turn-based strategy game Elite Command has just had what looks like a pretty major update.

Here are the updates:

* Instant replays! Relive your battles, learn from your mistakes, and collect intelligence on your rivals. All games started from now on can be replayed either from the very beginning or from the beginning of the last round. Also useful when returning to a game to get a recap of the events since your last turn.

* Roads and bridges! Mobilize your armies to the front lines more quickly, whether traversing vast expanses of plains, deserts, and tundras, or merely crossing a river. You can place roads and bridges using the map editor, or use...

* The new Engineer unit! The Engineer is an unassuming personnel unit which packs a huge strategic wallop! Capable of clearing forests, laying down roads, building bridges, and repairing armored units in the midst of battle, Engineers win wars. They are also able to destroy existing roads and bridges, opening the opportunity to sabotage the enemy's advances.

* New Medic unit! Armed with cutting-edge battlefield medical technology, the Medic keeps your front-line fodder alive for longer with its ability to heal personnel units.

* Strapped for cash? Scrap your units! As your strategy changes, some units may not be as useful as they were when you built them. Rather than send them on suicide missions, you now have the option to scrap them at a base for half the unit's original value. Damaged units return fewer credits when scrapped.

* Fullscreen mode! On larger maps, it was once difficult to get a bird's eye view of the action. No longer! Now any game can be viewed in fullscreen mode, expanding the map to fill 90% of your browser screen.

* Hit chance calculation! The attack dialog now details the % chance each unit has of hitting the other after all modifiers have been applied, enabling you to make quicker tactical decisions.

These are the major improvements. We also have a slew of minor fixes:

* Units which are unable to move-attack in the same turn are still able to move to a base and heal in the same turn.

* Unrated games will now appear as such to all users who view a game.

* Issues with posting games to Facebook have been fixed.

* Various issues with Internet Explorer 8+ have been addressed.

* Internet Explorer 7 is no longer supported. If you're still using Internet Explorer, we recommend either switching to Google Chrome or to the latest version of Internet Explorer.



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