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The Best Indie Games are Reviewed in Game Tunnel’s Monthly Round-up

Posted by Dave Seaman on Saturday, 8 October 2011

PHILADELPHIA, PA, September 7, 2011- Game Tunnel ( is proud to announce that our September 2011 Independent Video Game round-up, the latest in our long-running panel that reviews all the latest Indie games, is now live online. We passed on doing a video feature for this round-up, but if you want us to bring it back just sound off in our comments section. We hope you enjoy this very close match-up of some excellent indie games. Seven of the ten games received an award this month and some of the top games scores were very close! Needless to say, there are always great independent games out there to find. We hope you enjoy reading reviews from each of the panelists on all 10 games in the September Independent Game round-up.

The monthly round up returns featuring the best independent games. It was a real battle this month with 7 of the 10 games receiving GT awards. Check out games like Avadon, New Star Soccer 5, King Arthur’s Gold, Serious Sam Double D, Project Stormos, Age of Enigma, Trauma, and more. Find out which game is our game of the month. All of this great new Game Tunnel content can be viewed at

The new GT was built and redesigned to be a HUB for indie gamers and developers. The site is part review site, part indie game database with a dash of news and deals. The site is designed for gamers to discover a new great indie game every day. GT’s new rating system allows the best games to float to the top. The site was also redesigned to be an excellent FREE resource for indie game developers. Indie Game Developers can submit their game for review, add their game to the website, and they can even sell their game.

Registration for gamers and game developers is completely free at You can support Game Tunnel by purchasing games via our website or by advertising on the website.

ABOUT GAME TUNNEL: Game Tunnel ( is the web’s home for independent video games. Game Tunnel was one of the first sites to provide news, reviews, previews and coverage of indie video games when it was founded back in 2002. It returns as a virtual tunnel to the independent underground. Intended for game lovers of all ages, Game Tunnel gives readers information about truly amazing and distinctive games you won’t find anywhere else and offers independent game developers great marketing and advertising tools for their games.


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