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California/USA -- September 21, 2011. Tower! 2011 is a stand alone air traffic tower simulation providing authentic gameplay through rich simulation, immersive graphics, sounds and an authentic voice controlled system.

Victor Racz, producer at FeelThere, commented: "When your players give feedback saying 'voice recognition that finally works' you know you are building something unique". Racz continued: "Tower! is not for casual gamers. First you need to read the manual, and then teach your computer the speech commands. This takes time. But the players who have gone through the learning curve realize what a difference it makes. If you want authentic simulation experience, and love complex and rich simulations, then you might be surprised what our game has to offer."

Tower! 2011 main features:
- Rich simulation allow you to experience the real life duties of a tower controller
- Advanced artificial intelligence (AI) pilots follow complex tower commands when to taxi around airport and fly approach and departure procedures.
- Voice controlled system that makes the difference
- Immersive sounds and graphics that add to the experience

About FeelThere
FeelThere was estabilished in 2002 with the goal to create affordable high quality simulations. FeelThere created many advanced simulations (probably the widest range of jet airplanes) and won several awards. In 2006 the PIC B-737 received the "Best Commercial Airplane" award.

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