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Preview: Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle

Posted by Dave Seaman on Monday, 26 September 2011

Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle is an in-production adventure game for PC, Wii, DS and Playstation 3 by Steve Ince (most famous for his work on the Broken Sword games).  It features Morgane, a young girl whose sea-faring father goes missing, and who herself dreams of becoming a mighty sea captian, despite the fact that this is not seen as a viable possibility for a young girl.  I’ve played the preview build for a while now, and it looks good, though I have a few concerns (not sure how many are a result of it being the pre-release version though).

Captain Morgane features really nice graphics and good animation, though the main character moves a bit slowly and, considering she’s rather a tomboy, her extremely dainty walk seems rather out of character.  The music is nice, there seems to be a different track for each location, and as far as I could tell the voice acting was okay (it was a bit difficult to tell since adjusting the sound levels didn’t seem to be possible in the preview build, so the music level was always far too high to hear the speech very clearly).  There seemed to be some synching problems with the speech too, though these will no doubt be cleaned up before the game is released on 24th October. Sadly they’ve gone for the same sort of inventory control as Broken Sword: The Director’s Cut did, in that you have to drag inventory objects to wherever you want to use them on screen – personally I much prefer to click to “pick up” the object. 

Still, there are some nice features to the interface too – it’s possible to have hotspots highlighted not just when you hold a key down but permanently if you want (space bar toggles this), and objectives / map are always accessible from the menu.  Other than that the interface is very simple – click on an object to bring up two icons, Interact and Look, and it all works fine.   There is at least one simple arcade sequence in the game (sword-fighting), not sure if there will be more (it looks like you can skip them if you want though).

Anyway, most of the problems I had with the game will probably be sorted out in the pre-release cleanup, and Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle certainly looks like it will be a game most adventure game fans will enjoy.


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