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Podunk Studioz announce Jay and Dee: Gone in a Flash

Posted by Dave Seaman on Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Message from Dusty at Podunk Studioz:

"Jay and Dee: Gone in a Flash is going to be a retro style point and click adventure game, based on the characters of Podunk Studioz’s 8-Bit Podunk webcomic.  The game’s story will focus on Jay and Dee having made the greatest game ever; it has been stolen and they must gather evidence that it was a rival company that stole it.  The game will be released in flash so that everyone can get a chance to play it, and the game is set to be between 60 to 90 Minutes long.  The game will also use a very interesting game play mechanic called Dual Character control; usually in point and click games you have one character to control and one inventory to worry about, but in Jay and Dee: Gone in a Flash players not only need to be mindful of what inventory items your characters have, but players need to be careful which character has which item and where in the scene each characters is.  We believe that this will add a new and interesting dimension to the puzzles in Jay and Dee : Gone in a Flash.

The hope is to have Jay and Dee: Gone in a Flash online either towards the end of October or the middle of November.  We at Podunk want to deliver the best game we can, and hope that everyone will enjoy playing as much as we are enjoying making it."


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