Monday, 19 September 2011

Jolly Rover drops to $4.99 for Talk Like a Pirate Day

News from Brawsome:

To converge with Talk Like a Pirate Day the price of Jolly Rover is being reduced on the official website, the Mac App Store and Steam to the following:
- US$4.99
- €3.99
- £2.99

This promotion isn't just for Talk like a Pirate Day however, this represents a permanent price reduction to Jolly Rover, which is the price the game will stay at. Jolly Rover has seen good sales after price drops and during promotional sales, so it's hoped the new price will remove any barriers to entry people may have had over picking the game up.

I was initially going to reduce the price to US$6.99, but have been advised that going to below the US$5 mark makes a bigger impact in customer decisions than a drop to $6.99. This also sets us up for a similar pricing structure with the release of MacGuffin's Curse, planned for early next year, though no price has been fixed for this latest title, winner or Best Game Writing at Freeplay11.

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