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Dungeon Defenders Developer Diary now live

Posted by Dave Seaman on Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Over the course of the last two years, GameSpy Technology has been placing a major emphasis on reaching out to independent cross-platform game developers to help them expand the online scope and reach of their games. GameSpy Open has literally opened the doors to hundreds of developers, giving them instant, free access to all of GameSpy Technology’s APIs, allowing smaller dev teams to have access to the sort of tools that they would not have had access to in the recent past.

Trendy Entertainment is a perfect example of the types of developer and project that GameSpy Technology has been supporting. Their cross-platform multiplayer game, Dungeon Defenders, is a mash-up of tower defense, action, RPG and co-op shooter, and is as fun to play as it is technologically advanced. Trendy is using GameSpy Technology in a number of unique ways, but the most interesting use is in the cross-platform play, which allows iOS, Android and PlayStation 3 gamers to play together in the same game. During GDC this year, Trendy was showing the game in the GameSpy Technology booth, running co-op matches on a PS3, an iPad 2, an iPhone and an Android tablet.

To learn more about Dungeon Defenders, check out the first Developer Diary, starring Trendy’s Marc Singer here:

Once you’ve done that, grab the game from the Android Market ( or from the App Store (, or pick it up from the PSN Store when it goes live later.

To learn more about GameSpy Technology and the GameSpy Open program, please visit the official website:


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