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WorldBreaker Tower Defense is a unique tower defence game that tries to capture the game-play feel most original TD’s Created.  The ultimate goal is to protect your castle from getting destroyed, enemies will try to destroy your 4 outer gates first, and then hone in on your castle!  You must maze any way you desire in order to prevent the demons from reaching the castle.  Difficulty will scale as game time progresses, weak grunts will eventually become much stronger and tanks will be immovable without the proper towers.
  • 10 Unique Towers & Enemies
  • Large Playfield
  • Resource Gathering
  • Unique Challenges
  • Boss Waves
  • 40+ Waves
  • 15 Researches
  • 4 Ultimate Leader Powers
  • Each tower has up to 2 abilites for use
  • Upgradable everything
  • 5 Environments
And coming soon…. Achievements / Leaderboards / Bonus Content!
Platforms at launch: PC/Mac
Platforms in near future: Android/iPhone coming soon.
Distribution Networks: This Website (available now!),, Steam (coming Soon), Union (coming Soon), (Coming Soon), and more!
Release Date: AVAILABLE NOW!
Part 2 – September 30th
Price: $1.50 for early purchasers.
When Part 2 is released and game is complete, price will go to $2.99early purchasers get free update!

For more info, demo download or to buy the game, visit the Official Website.

WorldBreaker Tower Defense Video:


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