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Enter the Story news

Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 15 September 2011

Chris, creator of Enter the Story, tells me that he’s not able to make quite the game series he envisaged using AGS, and is in the process of coding his own game development kit for all future novels that are going to get the Enter the Story treatment.  This will allow him to not only created the game world he had in mind to begin with (which is that players can freely explore the world and enter into different stories as they go – though I have to admit I’m having difficulty picturing exactly how this would work, Michael does admit that this is a hugely ambitious project!  His stated plan is to “create the world's biggest adventure game).  The other advantage of this idea is to allow easy cross-format development, so iOS / Android / Mac / Linux ports of the game are a definite probability now.

More news soon, as well as a review of the 4th game in the Enter the Story series (also the last to be made with AGS), The Count of Monte Cristo.


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