Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Desura brings instant rewards to players and developers

Melbourne – 14 September 2011 – Online digital distribution service, Desura, today announced the launch of Alphafunding.

Combining Kickstarter-like crowd funding with instant access to early versions of videogames still in development, gamers contribute to the creation of the game and get to play innovative new titles long before release to the public.

"Alphafunding fills the void between the idea phase and the pre-order / release phase," said Scott Reismanis, founder of Desura.

"Digital distribution is an amazing medium for getting access to content early. Alphafunding includes the gamers in the development of the product, not only from a financial perspective, but gives them the opportunity to contribute toward the design and development process."

"This model has been proven in successful titles like Minecraft, Overgrowth and Natural Selection 2. These are games that have benefitted from the support of their fans from the very beginning," said Reismanis.

Alphafunding launches today on Desura with five excellent, innovative and diverse titles: Project Zomboid, Survivors of Ragnarok, King Arthur's Gold, Wyv and Keep, and Rotation.

More information on Alphafunding and the launch titles can be found at:

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