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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Xbox indie game review: Star Ninja

Star Ninja is a new Xbox Indie game from Bounding Box Games. It could almost be called "Angry Pirates." Sure, there are a lot more physics involved in this puzzle game than there are in Angry Birds, but the pirates do sit there and laugh at you at the beginning of a level, and also if you fail to get rid of them all.

The game consists of 50 levels. The player is a ninja with a limited number of throwing stars, and pirates are places all around the screen, sometimes behind walls, sometimes next to exploding barrels, etc. The object is to knock them all down with your throwing stars (they become almost cute rag dolls when they "die"). The stars can bounce off of walls and certain other objects, but they embed themselves in wood, such as the wooden crates that can litter the screen, or a dinghy. They don't bounce indefinitely, though, instead eventually petering out and disappearing. The player has to use some physics knowledge to do bank shots and other things in order to get them all. Meanwhile, a timer is counting down, so the more quickly you kill all the pirates, the higher your score. There is no time limit in the basic levels, though. It's running out just means that you don't get any bonus points.

While the game isn't quite as addictive as Angry Birds, players do get that "just one more level" feeling, wanting to get through the game as quickly as possible. While passing the levels can be quite easy (none of the levels took me more than six tries), the player is compared to other players' high scores, encouraging you to try and solve the levels even more efficiently.

There are also other modes, all with the same 50 levels. There's a campaign that totals your score rather than just giving you a "per level" score. And then there's Frenzy, a more frenetic version of the regular game.

All in all, Star Ninja is a great game for what you pay for. If you like a little physics in your puzzles, you can't go wrong with this one.

Star Ninja is now available at the Xbox 360 marketplace

For more details, screenshots etc see this post: 

Review by David Roy

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