Thursday, 4 August 2011

New Release - Karma (PC)

Karma is an original title features innovative gameplay mechanism. During a game session, all of the players' entity actions are recorded with reference to a time line. Later on, the recorded entity is added to the next game rounds as an entity that fully interacts with the game environment. The game is all about player "meeting" himself again and again as he commences from one game round to the other. In order to enhance this experience, the game environment, objects and special abilities are designed to create interactions between a player and his past. The player's own actions shape the upcoming game rounds.

The game has three modes: Story, Survival and Challenge. Story mode includes 4 different game environments and total 20 levels, Survival mode is a free play. The objective is to survive up to 12 laps. Challenge mode includes 200 challenges to complete.
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