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Sketch Tanks Released for Pay What You Want

Posted by Dave Seaman on Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Sketch Tanks, a new 2D top down shooter with puzzle elements and a unique, pencil on paper art style has been released by Prelimse Studios for the price of... whatever price you want to pay!

Game Name: Sketch Tanks
Developer: Prelimse Studios
Platforms: PC (with Mac, iOS, and Android support coming soon)
Price: Pay whatever you want (including $0.00)
Simple Description: An extremely challenging top-down shooter with puzzle elements with a unique, pencil on paper art style.

-10 levels (as of now)
-2 game modes (Normal Mode, Arcade Mode coming soon)
-5 weapons
-More than 5 enemy types with one more (possibly) coming soon.
-Local high scores
-A level editor (coming soon)

Sketch Tanks has a minecraft-like development style. The game is not yet finished, but free updates with bug fixes, more features, and more levels, will come very frequently (somewhere around 1 a week). One thing that is completely missing from the game is sound, but an update will fix that.

Reasons people should pay something for Sketch Tanks (as stated by developer):
-We need $1,500.00 to buy Unity3D Pro, to remove the starting splash screen and allow my future games to be in 3D with great graphics.
-We need $1000.00 to buy a Mac to be able to build Sketch Tanks for Macs.
-We need $1,500.00 for Unity3D licenses for each mobile platform, iOS and Android.
-You help make an indie game developer's dream come true!

Sketch Tanks buy/download page:


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