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Ridiculous Fishing for iOS Announced

Posted by Dave Seaman on Monday, 25 July 2011

Utrecht, Netherlands - Dutch Independent gamestudio Vlambeer will release Ridiculous Fishing, an iOS sequel to their popular debut title Radical Fishing in the near future. To tackle the technical and artistic challenge of creating an iOS game about fishing with rocketlaunchers, Vlambeer teamed up with Zach Gage (Bit Pilot, Unify) and artist Greg Wohlwend (Solipskier, Infested Planets).

Ridiculous Fishing will have new gameplay mechanics, more powerful weapons, exotic locations, over the-top upgrades, monsters and treasures. The game will allow for some nice ways to brag about your biggest catch, your shinier boat and your coolest gear. Also, it'll feature fish wearing hats.

"We don't just want to recreate Radical Fishing for iOS, so we reimagined the idea from the ground up for the platform. We also took time to implement the things we learned from the original Flash version and to watch a lot of documentaries about the art of fishing with high caliber weapons. Ridiculous Fishing is everything you loved about the original but better and prettier. Greg has come up with an amazing visual style for the game."

In the original Radical Fishing, players maneuver their hook & lure into the depths of the ocean, trying to catch as many fish as possible before flinging them into the air and using a wide arsenal of heavy weaponry to finish them off, earning loads of cash for upgrades ranging from rocket boosters to hairdryers & chainsaws.

"We hadn't planned to announce the game just yet", admits Rami Ismail of Vlambeer, "but yesterday we suddenly received piles of messages and tweets that somebody had made a game inspired by Radical Fishing and that they were bringing the game to iOS. Seeing we've had Ridiculous Fishing under development for quite some time now, that was a bit of a surprise."

"Anyway, Ridiculous Fishing is Vlambeers' debut on iOS, so it's very cool to do that by working with our very first IP", continues Rami. "We're super-excited to be working on this with Zach & Greg involved. Bit Pilot, Halcyon and Solipskier are top notch iOS offerings in terms of quality. To be honest, it has always been our ambition to make a game with hats in it."

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SoreLosersGaming said...

Didn't Saddam Hussein fish by throwing grenades into lakes? I'm sure he would approve :P Looks pretty awesome, shame I don't have an iPhone.

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